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CalOffroad double tube shocks

CalOffroad/Bilstein Shock Asorber Long Travel Monotube Front Strut 2-3 inch Lift for Toyota Hilux IFS 2005 On , FJ Cruiser 2006 On and Prado Models

CalOffroad worked closely with Bilstein to develop a Long Travel Monotube Front Strut that meets CalOffroad specifications considered best suited for on and offroad, daily driving or touring Australia’s harsh outback.

CalOffroad Bilstein front struts for the Australian Toyota Hilux, Prado 120 , Prado 150  and FJ Cruiser.

The origin version of these CalOffroad Bilstein front struts consisted of a top of the line German made yellow strut that was changed and modified in Australia to be specific for the AU Hilux and valved for Australian conditions.
This strut has had great results and has been refined since 2005.

We are now proud to release our latest version which is now factory made in Germany specifically for CalOffroad and the Australian model Hilux, Prado and FJ Cruiser.

This strut now has a silver body to make it easy to identify and has factory Bilstein stickers with CalOffroad logo on the body and a CalOffroad specific part number 24-218528 on the box and strut body.
We considered producing these struts in USA but chose to build in Germany as the consistency of build requirements is much more reliable and the USA tend to valve differently than suits our AU conditions and their struts are not always rebuildable.

Some Features:
* CalOffroad Bilstein Hilux German made silver struts are designed in Australia specifically for Australian conditions and Australian model Hilux, Prado and FJ Cruiser.
* Made in Bilstein factory Germany (not the cheaper build USA).
* Strongest alloy spring seats (not the pressed metal cheaper ones).
* Height adjustable for standard coil to lift front or level truck.
* Spring seat positions for aftermarket coils perfect for 2" and 3" lift
* Bilstein Mono Tube performance Proven Huge 46mm diameter Bilstein piston Durability tested in Germany with Toyota for TRD development.
* Valving rate specific to Australian conditions to CalOffroad spec for Australian Hilux, Prado and FJ Cruiser.
* Independent shim stacks for bump and rebound settings for precise tuning.
* Digresive valving for smoother rate throughout stroke (better highway response and more comfort offroad in tough conditions).
* 100% made in germany fully rebuildable.
* Larger steel eye at lower point of strut gives extra strength for Australian conditions.

Can be shipped world wide

CalOffroad double tube shocks

CalOffroad Long Travel Twin Tube Shocks

CalOffroad Twin Tube Shock Absorbers feature:
*Computer designed and engineered for 4x4 vehicles.
*They are twin tube with 32mm bores.
*Some selected part numbers have a massive 36mm bore.
*They have custom tuned valving and are nitrogen gas charged to transfer the heat from the inner cylinder to the outer case allowing the shock to keep cool and eliminate fade under harse conditions.

*With the improved design and longer travel, you will get better handling and control on and off the road.

*Most models come complete with polyurethane or rubber bushes fitted for longer life.

Can be shipped world wide

cor shocks

CalOffroad (Bilstein) Long Travel Monotube Rear Shocks

CalOffroad worked closely with Bilstein to develop a Long Travel Monotube Rear Shock that meets CalOffroad specifications considered best suited for on and offroad, daily driving or touring Australia's harsh outback.

Can be shipped world wide

bilstein mono

Bilstein Dealer

CalOffroad continues to work with Bilstein Australia to modify and improve their world leading monotube shock absorbers for incorporation in the range of CalOffroad Suspension products and Lift Kits and for general usage in Australia conditions.

CalOffroad owns and operates (Click to Enter)
The website is designed to make it easy for you to identify the best Bilstein products to suit your vehicle model and your usage needs - and easy to purchase at the best possible price.

Skyjacker Hydro Shocks


Skyjacker Softride HYDRO Shocks

Hydraulic action
Multi-stage velocity sensitive valving
Expanded fluid reservoir
Variable resistance
Heavy Duty twin tube construction
5/8" diameter hardened double chrome rod
Internal rebound bumper
Oversized piston head and tough polyurethane bushings.

Skyjacker Nitro Shocks


Skyjacker Nitro Gas Shocks

Skyjacker PLATINUM Series Gas Shocks are Nitrogen Gas Pressurized.
• 180° Directional Mounting Allows Versatile Options in Tight Clearance Situations
• Massive 2" Piston Bore
• 7/8" Chrome Hardened Piston Shaft
• Off-Road Race Inspired Wafer Valving Delivers a Controlled Response on Any Terrain
• Compression Control which Prevents the Formation of Air Bubbles to Reduce Fade
• 1/8" Heavy-Gauged Steel Body Wall
• Durable Polyurethane Bushings at Each End
• External Polyurethane Bushing on the Shaft for a Smooth Compression Stops
• And an Internal Polyurethane Bushing for Easy Extension Stops
• Aerospace Technology Cadmium Plating Offers Superior Exterior Protection from the Harshest Enviroments
• Available up to 50" in Extension Length
• OEM Application with Lift Height and Long Travel Applications
• Also Various Configurations • External Reservoir • Dual By-Pass • Dual By-Pass with External Reservoir • External Schrader Valve

sj shocks

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