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Part No: STAT001
RRP $ 330

Alignment Tool

Offroad wheel alignment.
Align off-road wheels with tyre sizes up to 44".
Also great for road cars and race car applications

This great tool is a must for your garage or shop.
Portable, hands-free alignment can be done quickly and easily.
•Extended toe arms make it easy to measure toe on all off-road tyres.
•Includes gauge and wheel mount (fits most wheels from 13" to 17").
•Displays Camber +/- 4 degree / Caster -4 degree to +12 degree.
•Saves time and tyres.
•Accurate, rugged and easy-to-use
•Includes toe arms, bungie cord and tape measure

Spanner Wrench - Fox Shocks- Preload Adjustments coil-over shocks.

Part No: 398-00-370
RRP $ 35 Each

Fox Coil-over Tooling Spanner - Large Bore.

Spanner Wrench
Zinc plated steel wrench allows for quick and easy preload adjustments on 2.0 diameter coil-over shocks.

Spanner Ratchet Socket Wrench - Fox Shocks - Preload adjustments coil-over shocks.

Part No:398-00-025-A
RRP $ 22 Each

Fox Coil-over Tooling Spanner - Adjuster 3/8 Wrench.

Spanner Ratchet Socket
Easily adjust 2.0 coil-over preload and 2.5 rotating remote and piggyback bridges with standard 3/8" ratchet wrench.

Part No: STAG001
RRP $ 199

Angle Gauge

This angle gauge is an easy, accurate way for measuring frame & drive shaft angles.
An ideal tool to ensure the drive line angle is still within specification for raised &lowered vehicles.

Alignment equipment manufacturers are using frame angle input with their software for completing casterspecifications.

Can also be used by builders, TV satelite installers etc

Part No: STFHD001
RRP $ 350

Flared Hole Dies - "Dimple Dies"

This 5 piece set includes: 0.75", 1.0", 1.5", 2.0", 2.5"

Often called "dimple dies", flared hole dies are used in sheet-metal fabrications to provide rigidity and strength to flat, unsupported panels.
Due to the resulting high strength-to-weight ratio applications promoted by the use of this technique, flared holes are found in many aircraft and race vehicles designs.
Beginning with comprehensive finite element analysis supported by extensive prototype testing, our Flared Hole Dies are engineered to provide the optimum combination of performance attributes:
*Designed to eliminate edge tearing even when used on high strength 4130 chromoly sheet (normalized condition), with laser cut holes (hardened edges)
*Optimized form (flare angle, bend radius and length of run) provides maximum stiffness and strength
*Manufactured from premium hardened high carbon steel for maximum tool life
*Unique shape for ease of handling
*Up to max sheet thickness of .090 for chromoly and .125 formild steel.

Part No: STBJT001
RRP $ 295

Ball Joint Service Tool

Remove and replace universal joints without "brute force" methods that can cause costly damage.

Now you can take on 4WD ball joint service in addition to servicing most cars.

A forcing screw-powered press, used with proper adapters, easily removes and installs all press-fit ball joints (inc. GM plastic pin "U" type joints).
Comes in a durable plastic case.
Package Includes:
#4437 - Press
#4438- Forcing Screw,
#29503- Receiver Tube(3" OD X 2-3/4" ID),
#29504- Receiver Tube(2-1/2" OD X 2-1/4" ID),
#29505- Receiver Tube(2" OD X 1-3/4" ID),
#38354- 4WD Receiving Cup,
#38355- Installing Cup,
#204508- 4WD Installing Adapter,
#305227- Installing Adapter,
#305228- Removing Adapter

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