The Run at Rosebank - History

Traditional Aboriginal Owners

The property lies in the heart of the Widjabul Country.
The Widjabul people are one of the tribes of the Bundjalung Nation which extends from the Tweed to the Clarence and from the Coast west to Warwick and Stanthorpe.
Many tribes make up the Bundjalung nation, just like many Aboriginal nations make up the continent of Australia.

Widjabul country extends from the lower Richmond River area around Coraki to the headwaters of the Richmond catchment in the north, and eastwards to the coastal escarpment areas.

The Big Scrub

The Run at Rosebank is located within land originally part of the “Big Scrub”
Before European settlement the Big Scrub Rainforest was the largest continuous expanse of lowland sub-tropical rainforest in Australia.
This rainforest occurs on the red soils originating from Mount Warning in North Eastern NSW.
This area stretched from the Nightcap range in the North to Meerschaum Vale in the South and from Ballina in the East to Lismore in the West.

The Big Scrub Rainforest originally covered some 75,000 hectares.
But since European settlement the Big Scrub Rainforest has been reduced to less than 1% of its original size.

The Big Scrub was cleared for agriculture, development and other purposes.
Now only small scattered remnants of Rainforest remain.

The Run at Rosebank is situated only a few kilometres from two of the most significant remnants, being: Minyan Falls and “Big Scrub” adjacent to Rocky Creek dam.
It is the “Big Scrub” red soils originating from Mount Warning in North Eastern NSW that makes The Run at Rosebank and its neighbours so exceptional.

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We acknowledge the assistance of The Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group for some of the material including the images reproduced here.

Early Rosebank

  • 1884 The first selector arrived in Rosebank overland from Mullumbimby.
    Mr Peter Williams Selected Portion No 48 - 204.5 acres.

  • 1889 James Armstrong, arrived at Rosebank in April.
    He purchased Portion No 115 (300 acres) from Mathew Arthur who selected it.
    He subsequently selected the Portion which became The Run at Rosebank property (See below)
    James Armstrong was engaged in dairying and in 1894 was the first Chairman of the Provisional Board which started the Butter Factory at Byron Bay.

  • 1891 Rosebank School erected.
  • 1897 Rosebank Hall erected.
  • 1903 Rosebank first General Store, Butchers Shop and Blacksmiths Shop.
  • 1903 Telephone to Rosebank.

We acknowledge the assistance of The Richmond River Historical Society for some of the material reproduced here and in particular refer to a paper "The Early History of Rosebank" written by T C Armstrong and forwarded to them in June 1957.
To Download a Copy in pdf form 4.5MB: Click Here

The Run at Rosebank - Ownership

  • 1907 James Armstrong
    James Armstrong Selected and Purchased by Crown Grant Portion 60 1/10/1907.
    400 Acres for 400 Pounds.

  • 1914 John Alexander Armstrong
    James Armstrong subdivided Portion 60 into 4 x 100 acre lots 16/3/1914.
    The 2 Northern blocks were transferred to John Alexander Armstrong.
    The NW Block subsequently became The Run at Rosebank.

    The 2 Southern Blocks were transferred to William James Armstrong.

  • 1919 Mary Blanche Armstrong
    Transferred from John Alexander Armstrong 26/6/1919.
    Mary listed as from Inverell and spinster.

  • 1925 Mary Blanche Mackenzie.
    Nee Armstrong - Married to Herbert Shenon Mackenzie 24/3/1925.

  • 1947 Leased
    Leased to Douglas Cannon - Farmer and Alice Cannon – Widow, both of Rosebank. 16/4/1947

  • 1963 Raymond Claude Draper
    Transferred 24/9/1963
    Listed as Farmer of Rosebank – we think he may have owned the adjacent NE block of the original Portion 60 at this time.
    Up to this date the predominant use would have been Dairying with some Pigs.

  • 1975 John White Jeboult and Eileen Renata Jeboult.
    Transferred 9/5/1975
    Listed as Biochemist and his wife.

  • 1978 Ian George Skinner and Yvonne Joy Foster.
    Transferred 3/10/1978.
    Listed as – Biologist and secretary both of Mona Vale.
    Changed the use to Horticulture and Beef Cattle.
    In Particular Planted both Macadamia Orchards after early cash flow from Custard Apples and Stone Fruit.

  • 2004 A P Goodman
    Transferred 30/9/2004.
    Listed as Veterinary Surgeon and Business Manager.