The Run at Rosebank Macadamias

Macadamia farm:
*2 x Macadamia Orchards totalling approximately 1500 mature trees.
*Of a small size sufficient to form a business base to satisfy commercial (primary producer) status, without becoming a major time or capital consuming business.
*If appropriate can be an excellent base for further expansion in the industry.
*Plenty of room and suitable land for expansion to 4000 trees or more.
*In the centre of Australia's (and the world's) premier Macadamia growing area.
*Efficient, experienced, economic contract services available for specialist tasks, including spraying, harvesting and processing.

Part of the 2012 Nut Harvest.

Business Plan
The owner has interests other than the macs which take up a big slice of his available time.
Therefore since the property was purchased in 2004 the business plan has been to maintain and operate the macadamia orchards at their current size and to maintain the health and capital value of the orchards.
In doing so:
* Concentrate on maintaining and enhancing orchard health and tree shape (pruning, fertilising etc);
* Contract with Pacific Plantations to optimise the efficiency of nut collection transport and off farm nut in husk processing;
* Limit owner work mainly to orchard preparation (mowing, slashing, pruning, mulching) easily within the capacity of the nucleus farm plant;
* Establish good Contractor availability for work (spraying, harvesting etc) where specialist plant is required.
This strategy aims to allow maximum flexibility to optimise cash return.

Orchard O1 and O2