The Run at Rosebank - Water

Water is an exceptional feature:
*Original the site of The Big Scrub Tropical Rainforest, the property has a high reliable annual rainfall of 1500 to 2500 mm per year.
*Tank storage (potable water) around 100,000 litres.
*Boomerang Creek which forms the western boundary is a major permanent river rising directly from the Nightcap National Park rainforest catchment and the spectacular Boomerang Falls.
*The Nightcap National Park Rainforest is reputed to have the highest rainfall in Australia.
*Norris Creek just inside the eastern boundary is a permanent creek, on which the Run has a pump station.
*The Run has title to a 43 ML irrigation licence.

These Tanks form Part of the Water Storage - 2 x 25000 litre and 1 x 5000 litre tanks.
These are connected via a high volume transfer pump to a delivery output standpipe for filling spray tanks and underground to a similar 25000 litre tank at the Farmhouse. They are also connected via a separate pressure pump to supply garden irrigation water and service water to the workshed.
The small tank is also connected via underground pipe to receive creek water (supplementary garden irrigation water)from a piston pump located on Norris Creek