The Run at Rosebank - Services


Sealed road at the gate, good sealed roads to all centres with the exception of 1.5 kms temporarily remaining unsealed towards Rosebank.


Single phase power to the Run.
Garage, Tractor Shed and Workshop supplied direct from Main Board and underground cable to the House and Barn sub boards.
Honda petrol generator 7.5 KVA hard wired into main power board to connect to the house circuit.
Manual start and manual switching.
Since installed around 2009 has only been needed two or three times for short periods.

Telephone / Internet

Telstra district distribution box at the gate, connected by underground copper wire only 1.5 Kms from Telstra Fibre Node service building.
Underground copper cable from gate to the farmhouse.
Telstra Bigpond High speed internet ADSL service excellent.
We run a website design and management business from our office at the Run and we have no problem with download or upload speeds.

Water and Sewage

Self sufficient for water. Potable from rainwater catchment. Around 100,000 litres storage in Duraplas tanks mainly less than 5 years old.
Domestic water supply hot and cold to House and Barn, pump cold only to workshed.
Hot water is by modern electric immersion element tanks.

Sewage is by council approved concrete septic tank system at the House and the Barn.


Lismore Shire Council collection service from the gate.
Garbage weekly, recyclables fortnightly.


Digital TV antenna at the Farmhouse gives excellent full digital reception from all free to air programmes.